Five Problems Sales Snap Solves for B2C Brands

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Five Problems Sales Snap Solves for B2B Brands

Last week we wrote about Sales Snap and introduced ourselves to you.

We are a team made up of creatives and technicians and together we share the same passion, which is helping companies to improve their business through collecting leads, creating a customer journey strategy through email, sms, viber and push notification campaigns.

Now that you know a little more about us and what our motivation is, today we’re telling you that we know what problems you’re facing and we have ways to help. Below are 5 of the most common problems large businesses face and how Sales Snap solves them.

Adaptation and integration of marketing automation

Globally, automation systems are used by as many as 44% of B2C brands, although some recent metrics show an even higher number, which is good. Brands are becoming aware that automation has become inevitable, but is it all that easy?

Bulky systems like SalesForce and SAAP require a lot of time for integration, and very often the integration is done by a licensed partner, which is not the case with Sales Snap. Sales Snap is a tool for complete marketing automation for which we offer you a setup by our IT team and which, unlike the mentioned large systems, integrates very quickly.

Creating innovative content that really holds attention

More and more often on the Internet we come across problems of creating content that collects leads. In the last 12 months, the number of people browsing the Internet has increased by 196 million! All these people are overwhelmed with information and often lose focus while searching.

Interesting information is that due to excessive activity on the Internet, the attention span of a normal person is reduced to 8 seconds, and the current situation in America is that even 73% of the population complains of information overload, while the average millennial reaches for his mobile phone 150 times a day, and this information applies to millennials everywhere in the world.

This is the reason why creating quality content has become very challenging and for this, the creative and marketing team of Sales Snap has found a solution!

For years, we have been efficiently collecting leads through gamifications and quizzes on various topics. The goal of gamification is to attract the attention of Internet users in a non-invasive and fun way, where you choose what type of information you want to collect so that your potential leads play a game that always communicates some profit.

In the last blog we wrote about trust. Trust is exactly what we emphasize when it comes to the problem that Sales Snap solves, so every promised profit is realized, and all the participants in the game play in accordance with the law, because the Sales Snap tool works in accordance with the GDPR.

The problem of insufficient consumer knowledge

There is no need to emphasize how important it is to know the consumer. Imagine if you were selling credit if you were a bank and targeting people with no income at all, or if you were selling urban clothes and your emails were going to people of all ages with different fashion preferences, or medicines and cosmetics to those who don’t need them.

Several problems arise here. In addition to not making sales, your emails end up in spam and the number of unsubscribes from the email list will significantly affect your SEO, as well as the image of your brand. Sales Snap has several solutions for this.

By implementing the Sales Snap pixel, we monitor, in accordance with the law, consumer behavior and obtain very clear analytics. Within the Sales Snap tool, it is also possible to send promotional materials in the form of e-books, videos, calendars, images, whereby we receive information on the number of downloaded files and thereby segment and get to know your customers. 

Leads segmented in this way now receive more personalized messages and provide the opportunity to respond more precisely to their needs, which results in better sales and, more importantly, a longer-term relationship with leads who are placed in upsell segments after the first sale. 

The problem of finding concrete information

It doesn’t matter if you need information about gender, geolocation, phone number, shoe size, or maybe the diopter of glasses, if you need to find that specific information for your needs.

Very often that information is hard to come by, even if you ask for it.

For this reason, we emphasize the trust factor. The client must have trust in order to leave some information, and when it comes to guaranteed profit, trust is easily established.

Through various topics, sign up forms and gamifications that guarantee profit, we have so far successfully collected a large amount of specific information for our clients. The Sales Snap team of copywriters has achieved great success in creating short, interesting copy that, combined with interesting games, easily and quickly creates trust among consumers who leave their data.

Sufficient number of leads but no conversions? This is how we solve it.

We’ve all been there. In the 20 years that we have been working with digital marketing and before the digital marketing channels were known by that name, we too found ourselves in a situation in front of an excel table full of contacts who did not take steps.

The Sales Snap tool offers several options: decision, action, condition. These options are used when creating an email drip strategy to support the customer journey. The customer journey is created according to your needs, but using all the marketing channels from the tool.

Not all users react the same to all channels. It is even known that Facebook is liked by people between the ages of 40 and 60, with a stable income, most often women, most often married and very interestingly – most often Asian women (and if FB is banned in China, for example, and can only be accessed through VPN).

The rule for YT is that it is loved by melancholic people, 51% of the Instagram audience is women, between the ages of 24 and 34, and without going into details, it is clear that each channel has its own audience. However, these are “just” social media channels, and at Sales Snap we have turned to a more universal approach.

Web push notifications, popups (welcome popup, exit popup), SMS and Viber messages are evergreen and we use them as support for email messages, so that if a person does not open the email, in accordance with the automated strategy, a message will arrive from the tool via Viber or SMS whereby the user from that segmentation group is covered at all steps of their journey, which consequently results in some kind of action that naturally leads to conversion.

Dehumanizing the user experience with marketing automation

As the last challenge that B2C brands face, we will list the dark side of automation that causes subscribers to feel dehumanized, and the Sales Snap team of marketing experts has found a solution for this through constant education and the extraction of statistical information from previous examples with clients.

The solution lies in non-invasive sales and a more personalized relationship. The strategy of selling through the digital marketing channel certainly aims at generating profit, but if the strategy in the tool is set correctly, the user will not feel dehumanized.

In Sales Snap, we create a sense of intimacy by creating dynamic content that involves addressing users by their name. We all know the feeling when an email that starts with our name and a warm greeting lands in our inbox.

In the Sales Snap tool, there is also an A/B testing option where we test the open rate when we call the user by name compared to when he receives a generic email, and we came to the astonishing data that a subject line that begins with the user’s name results in as much as 22% more sales!

Sales Snap is a trusted tool that can certainly be of great help in optimizing your marketing strategy and generating new revenue. Contact us for a free demo.