Five Problems Sales Snap Solves for B2B Brands

Last week we wrote about Sales Snap and introduced ourselves to you. We are a team made up of creatives and technicians and together we share the same passion, which is helping companies to improve their business through collecting leads, creating a customer journey strategy through email, sms, viber and push notification campaigns. Now that

what is marketing automation

Marketing automation is a technology that manages marketing processes, meaning that campaigns are sent across multiple channels, automatically. With marketing automation, businesses can target customers with automated messages across email, web, social, popups, push notifications, and many more. Marketing automation has the purpose of utilizing anything you have to the maximum! Imagine creating a campaign

sakupljanje lidova lead generation

Simply put, lead generation is driving consumer interest There are currently about 500,000 Internet searches a day on average, and the total number of Internet visitors in the world has increased by 196 million in 12 months, which means that there are about 5 trillion Internet users in the world at the moment. All these

importance of popups for generating revenue

Thanks to the New Look Entertainment agency’s new tool for the online acquisition of clients and for generating sales, you can now completely transfer your business sphere online. Besides the purpose of the acquisition of clients, a popup is also an engagement tool whose technical structure and display dynamics encourage better interaction with the end-users

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