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Sales Snap is the pride of the New Look Entertainment agency, because we are among the first to bring automation to our market, while it has been current in America and the world for ten years. We approach your business in an exclusive and professional manner. Despite the fact that we have many successfully completed

Five Problems Sales Snap Solves for B2B Brands

Last week we wrote about Sales Snap and introduced ourselves to you. We are a team made up of creatives and technicians and together we share the same passion, which is helping companies to improve their business through collecting leads, creating a customer journey strategy through email, sms, viber and push notification campaigns. Now that

what is marketing automation

Marketing automation is a technology that manages marketing processes, meaning that campaigns are sent across multiple channels, automatically. With marketing automation, businesses can target customers with automated messages across email, web, social, popups, push notifications, and many more. Marketing automation has the purpose of utilizing anything you have to the maximum! Imagine creating a campaign

sales snap marketing automation

Marketing automation must be understood primarily from the point of market and market trends, in order to understand its application through software. Relatively new, in our market, marketing automation unites the work of all marketing channels. The question is what to do when there are too many channels and how to avoid chaotically sending messages

targeting and segmenting leads

To better understand targeting and segmentation, it is necessary to first understand how the market is segmented. The roughest segmentation of the market involves choosing the market, choosing the buyer persona, clearly defining the benefits of the products we offer and of course, taking concrete action once we have all the research ready. Easier market

ecommerce success by storytelling

For the majority of today’s consumers, firms must do more than simply offer their products.Making your company stand out above the crowd is becoming increasingly important. Brandstorytelling is being used by some of the most successful firms in recent years to achieve theirobjectives. Ecommerce companies can no longer afford to be faceless. Deeper consumer interaction