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Save time, eliminate errors, and improve efficiency across multiple marketing channels

Sales Snap is a marketing automation tool that will help you automate tedious everyday tasks and provide you more time to focus on big-picture strategic decisions!

One of the main objectives of marketing automation is to make the marketing side of your business more effective and efficient, and here are 5 direct benefits of marketing automation:

marketing automation


It saves time! Instead of publishing content manually every day, Sales Snap software automates the process by using all software channels at the same time! The channels available for automation within Sales Snap are Email, SMS, Focus Item and Web Push Notifications. Viber communication can also be easily integrated.

Leads management

Customer data is at the core of marketing automation. Sale Snap allows you to easily gather and use this information to create different segments of your customers and adjust your communication and offer according to their needs.

Once you properly segment your existing and potential customers, managing them will never be easier as the tool does most of the work by itself!

marketing automation
marketing automation

Personalized marketing communication

Marketing automation allows you to target your customers with personally adjusted content through multiple marketing channels at the same time and be actively present at all points of the customer journey. The automation process is based on your contacts reactions (opened email, clicked on the link, hit a certain page on your website, added to cart, made a purchase, and many other possibilities). Depending on the reaction of your contacts in the specific channel the segment he/she belongs to can be automatically changed and the communication adjusted accordingly, increasing the possibility to turn your leads into your customers.

Marketing automation should be considered as a whole that consists of the technical setting of automation and an equally important strategy. In order for the business to be completely and successfully automated, these two must be previously planned and carefully executed taking into account all information and knowledge that you already have about your customers and goals you want to achieve.


Expanding the contact database

The capabilities of expanding your contact database with Sales Snap are numerous. Growing your potential customer database is the process of attracting them to your business and increasing their interest through nurturing, all with the ultimate goal of turning them into customers. 

With the help of Sales Snap tool, you can easily use the Form feature in any of your lead generation activations, without actually having any previous programming knowledge. Forms of any kind can be easily created using either already existing or creating custom fields for the input of data that suits your specific needs. The same stands for Landing pages feature, which enables easy and quick creation and implementation of landing pages.

marketing automation
marketing automation

Increasing number of sales

By accurately setting up campaigns within the Sales Snap tool, following carefully designed strategies for all communication channels and real-time monitoring of activities, we can create automated processes that lead to as much as 37% faster sales. Check out some of our Case studies regarding this topic.

The implementation takes a 1 week.

The implementation is completely free.

The implementation is very simple and does not require the involvement of your programmers.

There is no contractual obligation; the contract is made for a specified period and can be terminated with a notice period of one month.

All data belongs to you after the end of collaboration.

Yes! Our Onboarding Specialists can guide you through the entire setup process to ensure your email environment is set up for success. You can also collaborate with our Delivery Consultants to assess your entire email program and receive a detailed evaluation to identify areas for optimization, such as configuring your IPs correctly or diagnosing email deliverability issues.

Once you create an account, you can send 1000 emails per month. If you need to send more than that, complete your account setup to upgrade to a paid plan!

Full Service

100% free support from 
Sales Snap Marketing And IT Team

We are a full-service agency that provides setup and management services for marketing automation tools, as well as complete marketing and strategic support if needed. Improve your business using our professional help!

full service marketing automation
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