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Your Customers/Clients Love Games - 100% we know it's true! We checked.

We have been playing games since childhood. Even now, as adults, we enjoy playing different games. Some like to play board games with friends like card or other games, some prefer online games, on computer or phone. Playing games is a favorite pastime of all generations and we all love to try our luck in them! This is the reason why only games are recognized as a useful tool in the process of attracting potential customers (generating leads).

Wheel of fortune

Imagine if you could enable your website visitors to spin the wheel of fortune with one click and win a discount or some other benefit you want to offer them. And now imagine that each of them leaves their email to you and becomes your potential future customer. This game, among other things, has an additional application. When your site visitors want to leave your site, then a pop-up window appears with a game that reduces the number of visitors leaving your site. But that’s not all, not only did they not leave your site, but those visitors left their email address and became your potential customers – leads.

gamification wheel of fortune marketing automation
gamification memory game lead generation

Memory Game

Based on a children’s memory game where the design and cards are reminiscent of this game from childhood, this game is a fun and non-invasive way to engage your potential contacts. It won’t take them much time, and they can easily earn some convenience by completing the game and submitting their contact information.


This game is a fast, fun and non-invasive way of collecting contacts, potential customers (leads) that is useful for you and your contacts. The principle is simple – scratching the surface of the card by moving the mouse, winning a benefit and leaving an email address to receive the won benefit. It couldn’t be simpler, could it?

gamification scratch cards marketing automation
gamification slot lead generation


This type of game resembles the mechanism of an online slot machine and can be of particular importance for collecting lead contacts in the online betting and gaming industry. With just one click, your contact starts the machine and, in case of victory, leaves the contact information in order to receive the prize. Simple, but proven to work!


Quizzes are a safe and effective way to attract and activate visitors to your site. Over the past five years, we’ve been developing different versions of quizzes that have proven to be an extremely effective tool for generating your potential clients (leads). Quizzes are easy to participate in and it is known that people generally like to test their knowledge of known facts and compete with other people. The quiz may contain a variety of topics, depending on the season, current events or location.

Quiz topics should relate to some universal knowledge contained in popular culture, or some emotional topics related to something personal, such as the country or city a person lives in, or something related to family or friends. Compared to other activations, this one is a bit more complicated, but it is very effective, fast and represents a proven concept that brings excellent results.

gemification quiz marketing automation

Implementation usually takes a week.

The implementation is completely free.

The implementation is very simple and does not require the involvement of your programmers.

There is no contractual obligation; the contract is made for a specified period and can be terminated with a notice period of one month.

All data belongs to you after the end of collaboration.

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