Lead generation

Because without clients there is no business development

Lead generation is an important part of the marketing strategy of any business. This process serves to identify potential clients, build relationships with them, nurture them through the sales process and convert them into customers, that is, achieve better sales results.

Who is a Lead?

A lead is anyone who uses the Internet, and a Marketing Lead is someone who has shown any interest in your product or service, but has not made a purchase yet. The interest they have shown makes them a potential customer with the possibility of becominga customer in the future. This is where the power of the Sales Snap tool lies – it allows you to convert a Lead into a Marketing Lead, and then through various Marketing Lead functions, convert it into a customer.


It starts with identifying who your target audience is and their needs. Once you’ve identified your target market, you can use a variety of techniques to reach them. The Sales Snap marketing automation tool contains special activations for lead generation with a high percentage of success, that is, a high conversion rate.

One of the most successful ways to collect leads is through gamification, that is, activation games. Sales Snap allows you to generate leads with fun games like scratch card, wheel of fortune, memory game and many more, and it’s up to you to choose the personalized gamification. Use the fact that everyone loves games to achieve the fundamental goal of your business – to interact with your audience, collect their data and get them to become your customers!


The secret to the success of gamification is that people find games interesting and attractive, and for you it means a completely non-invasive way to engage people on your site. Gamification involves giving some reward in the form of a discount or some other benefit that you are ready to offer, because in this way user engagement is encouraged – they have fun and receive something, and you get a potential client.

Lead generation is also important for customer retention. By building relationships with customers, companies can ensure that customers remain loyal and continue to purchase their products and services. Sales Snap monitors the behavior of users on the site and through various functions and activations leads them to purchase. For example, when a purchase is made for a certain product, that lead or that segmentation group that made the purchase is automatically offered a similar product to continue the purchase activity.

lead generation


Generating leads is one of the most important requirements to stay ahead of the competition. By collecting customer data and understanding customer needs, companies can tailor their products and services to meet those needs. This helps ensure that customers have a positive experience and are more likely to remain loyal in the future.


The Sales Snap tool is fully compliant with data protection legislation. The GDPR-ready tool Sales Snap allows you to collect leads and increase the sales rate in your business in a non-invasive, fun and above all legal way.


Implement a successful and proven way to increase conversion rates into your marketing strategy. This powerful marketing automation tool provides you with tons of features that will guide you towards your main goal – to engage with your customers. Be among the most successful who use all the advantages of modern marketing solutions!

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