Sales Snap is a platform for marketing automation that can be used to collect leads, organize and communicate with them, send newsletters, push notifications, Viber, WhatsApp and SMS messages, and can be integrated with your CRM. In addition to this, we offer complete integration and setting up full marketing automation for you

Email communication is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach your clients and future users. Maybe your user bought a product from your range, or visited your site and left an email address. With the help of email marketing, you can very quickly present a product, service, special offer or campaign.

A lead can be anyone who has expressed interest in your products or services. You can get leads in a variety of ways – through your website, word of mouth or even a phone call.

Simply put, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest in a brand or service. The Sales Snap tool has a number of features for collecting leads.

Sales Snap’s list of integrations includes everything, from platforms to landing page builders to Facebook and beyond. And with tools like Zapier, even more platforms can be connected than ever. We have an API and can connect to custom solutions.

We already have integration with:

  • Leadformly integration
  • Gmail integration
  • Salesforce integration
  • SAP integration
  • Oracle integration
  • Netsuite integration
  • Sugar CRM integration
  • Microsoft dynamics integration

And many others

Of course you can! The Sales Snap Activity API is ready and waiting for your custom eCommerce store to take full advantage of every customer-loving feature.

All paying Sales Snap customers have access to email support from 9am to 5pm CT, Monday through Friday.

An A/B test (or split test) is a way to test the performance of two different variations of an email campaign (A or B) with a segment of your recipient list. This type of testing allows you to present the “winning” or most successful variation of your campaign to the rest of your audience to improve your results.

When creating a test, you will:

• choose one element to test, such as the email subject or content

• choose the sample size of recipients for the test (each variation will be sent to exactly half of the sample)

• choose a method to determine the winner: best open rate or best click rate

• set the duration when the test should run

Each recipient in your sample will receive only one of two variations: version A or version B. After a testing period, the winning variation will be selected based on your criteria (openness or click-through rate) and sent to the rest immediately

This process ensures that the best version of your campaign is sent to the largest group of recipients.

The Sales Snap team will do the initial setup of the tool and provide training on how to use it. The initial setup includes: 

  • Installation of Sales Snap on the client’s subdomain
  • Linking to the site and setting up contact tracking using pixels
  • Segment creation
  • Contact import
  • Creating newsletter templates
  • Creating automated campaigns

No programming or design experience is required to use Sales Snap. There is a user manual for learning, which you get access to, and you can also contact Sales Snap support.

Yes, Sales Snap can be integrated with Ecommerce platforms and CRM-s.

Yes, Sales Snap is 100% GDPR compliant.

We offer a discount for an annual plan.

A customer journey is how your customer interacts with your brand. By using all of Sales Snap’s channels, namely email, sms, viber, focus item and webpush, you can improve the user experience by sending promotional messages in a timely and relevant manner.

Sales Snap tool for complete automation of the marketing process has a unique way of collecting leads through activations, popup forms, surveys, newsletter forms, quizzes and pixel code on the site.

Sales Snap primarily uses emails, then SMS, WhatsApp and Viber messages, focus items, landing pages, web notifications.

Implementing an SMS and Viber marketing strategy can take your business to the next level because it:          

  • Enables personal (direct) communication with clients
  • Sends information, and the message ALWAYS reaches the recipient
  • Allows you to effectively contact new and existing customers
  • Maximizes efficiency – the ratio of investment costs and return on investment
  • Breathes new life into your digital advertising and/or direct mail campaign.