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Why is the Loyalty Program Important for your Company?

Research shows that as many as 75% of customers will choose a company that offers a loyalty program. By offering this service, companies show their customers gratitude and build a relationship of trust with them. Therefore, customer satisfaction with the company’s services is closely related to the additional values that the company provides to them through the loyalty program. 

It is known that loyal customers buy more and it is important to keep them with the company as long as possible. By launching a loyalty program, the company creates a path to satisfied and loyal customers. Satisfied customers are motivated to buy more often and get additional benefits with the loyalty program. As a result of all the above, the company generates higher revenues! A carefully designed loyalty program allows companies to raise the level of trust they enjoy among their customers to an even higher level. Attracting and acquiring new clients requires a lot of time and money. Loyalty program offers the company the opportunity to, at the same time, maintain an optimal number of existing clients and acquire new clients.

Advantages of the Loyalty Program

There are numerous benefits that a loyalty program can provide to your company. Some of them are: 

  • Cost optimization for attracting new clients, 
  • Improvement of commercial performance and increase in revenue volume, 
  • Improving brand reputation, 
  • Creating trust, 
  • Encouraging customer loyalty, 
  • Collecting contacts, 
  • Prospect management, 
  • Increase in the number of new clients, 
  • Improving CSI and CXI, 
  • Increasing the frequency of purchases, 
  • Increasing sales in periods of weaker interest, 
  • Rewarding customers for their loyalty. 

What we offer?

The Cash&Prize loyalty program is an application solution intended for the organization and implementation of loyalty programs. Our application, with its basic and accompanying functionalities, is an exceptional commercial-marketing tool, intended for implementing the company’s sales strategy and achieving optimal results in various business segments. 

With a whole range of benefits in one place, your users will have a great experience. Create your loyalty program, with the following functionalities: 

  • Collecting points, 
  • Cashback, 
  • Commodity prizes, 
  • Combine cashback with a merchandise incentive program, 
  • Combine points with merchandise rewards, 
  • Consumer needs research, 
  • Special discounts, 
  • Newsletter campaign, 
  • Push notifications, 
  • Customer Behavior & Churn prevention,
  • SMS and Viber, 
  • Digital marketing. 

Create Your Loyalty Program

Retain customers and improve their experience with your brand. 

Create your loyalty program, in order to maintain the optimal number of clients, attract new clients and strengthen the reputation of your brand. By doing so, you will directly improve CSI and CXI, which will contribute to the long-term growth of your business volume.

Get the Most Out of Your Customers

Use the possibilities of the loyalty program to get the most out of your customers. Create your own loyalty program that meets the needs of your customers and gives them a reason to make repeat purchases. 

Automate processes, improve customer segmentation and marketing campaigns with our loyalty program! 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can solve all the major customer relationship problems. Thanks to smart personalization, your brand will have the interest and attention of consumers. 

Automate the customer journey and turn new customers into loyal customers. 

Our loyalty program has an integrated marketing automation tool, which will help you automate boring, everyday tasks. You will have more time to focus on strategic decisions. 

One of the main goals of marketing automation is to make marketing your business more efficient. These are some of the benefits of marketing automation: 

  • Efficiency, 
  • Management guidance, 
  • Personalized communication, 
  • Expanding the base of contacts. 

Apart from these, our marketing automation tool (Sales Snap) has the following functionalities: 

  • Improving user experience, 
  • Lead magnet campaigns, 
  • User satisfaction surveys, 
  • Creating a series of abandoned cart emails, 
  • Design, creation and sending of newsletters, 
  • Activation of games and quizzes, 
  • API integrations, 
  • Adjustment, 
  • User needs.

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