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It doesn’t only matter that you are selling well, it matters more that you are selling all!

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We all concentrate on monthly selling revenue and intent to maintain it on the satisfactory level month after month, but it seems that sellers are not paying enough attention on how much is left behind.

In order to be able to realize what’s left behind in the carts that never become purchases and how much money they are worth, we have created this simple calculator.

Don’t be afraid…use it…and yes, you should believe your eyes! 

Why are they leaving?

You probably wonder why your customers are abandoning their carts and just leave? Well, there are many reasons for it, but some of them are the most to blame:

  1. Unoptimized customer journey

If your customers can’t easily find all the information they need for the purchase process, there is a high probability that they will abandon the cart. Make sure that your entire site is organized so that the user can easily navigate it, find what they need easily, and that all functions in the shopping section work


  1. Just browsing

There is always a possibility that your potential customers are just browsing or simply making comparisons before they make a final decision where to buy


  1. Shipping costs

Many users add products to cart just to check shipping costs or find out if there are none. So special attention should be paid to the possibility of free shipping, or at least clear notice if there is a threshold to be met to get it for free


  1. Complicated check out process

In the final stage of purchase process everything should be clear, simple and function impeccably, especially on responsive version of your web site. Lack of clarity and simplicity kills conversions.


  1. Distractions

Users sometimes simply get distracted and forget what they were looking for or even added to cart

How to bring them back? We can help!

77% of all online shopping carts are abandoned.

More than three quarters of the people that add items to their shopping carts leave without buying anything. For every person that buys from you, three people were on the verge of it – and decided not to.

Cart abandonment is enormous source of lost revenue for ecommerce businesses.

Could you imagine 77% of the people walk around the store adding things to their shopping carts and then walked out without buying anything? It doesn’t happen.

But the convenience that online shopping allows, the lack of making an instant decision, and the ease of comparison shopping makes abandoned carts a big problem.

Fortunately, abandoned cart emails can help you solve it.

Abandoned cart emails are very simple but powerful tactic that can significantly increase your sales.

Abandoned cart emails have an astonishingly high 45% open rate. Almost half of the opened emails are clicked, and 4-5% of those who click make a purchase.

What’s best, abandoned cart emails run automatically. All we need to do is create the segment where all abandoned cart users will be stored and set up the email campaign series. Once they are set up, they’ll increase your sales until we turn them off.

What are abandoned cart emails?

Let’s put it simple: a visitor browses through your website, adds a product to their shopping cart and then leaves without completing a purchase.

After a certain amount of time, you send them an automated email reminding them that there are still items in their cart. If they do not make a purchase within certain period of time, another mail is sent, this time stressing out a little bit more urgency and so on…finally, in third or fourth email a customer can be offered an additional discount.

And that’s all!

It is very simple – you just need to remind people that there are products they expressed their interest in, and more of them will finish their purchases.

Abandoned cart email series set up without any integration?
Sounds good?

We all know that any integration in e-commerce business that requires additional development can last forever. Sometimes event small adjustments take time. Well, we have developed an easily incorporable script applicable to any e-commerce template, that will straight forward input your cart abandonment users into our tool. Once those users enter the segment, the campaign consisting of series of 3 or 4 drip emails is instantly triggered, reminding them about the product they left. The sending time dynamics is determined in agreement with the client and depends on the type of products sold and the lookback window specific for each industry.

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