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Carefully planned and guided customer journey – sending the right message at the right time increases the possibility of engagement with your clients!

have your business automated marketing automation

Multifunctional marketing automation tool

Create a database, manage leads, create campaigns, segment users easily and efficiently with the SalesSnap tool. SalesSnap allows you to automate your marketing processes and get your business to a higher level of effectiveness.

Full Service

100% free support from 
Sales Snap Marketing And IT Team

We are a full-service agency that provides setup and management services for marketing automation tools, as well as complete marketing and strategic support if needed. Improve your business using our professional help!

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Do It All With Sales Snap

Keep your entire business in one place!

One of the most effective marketing methods for increasing sales according to 95% of marketers.


Communicate directly with users for urgent notifications and time-limited offers.

Push Notifications

Your customers love predictability! Let them choose the content they want to receive, and they will receive notifications at the right time.


Let your clients feel it is personal! With Viber messages, you can easily attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Focus Item

By monitoring the behavior of customer and collecting information, focus item keeps the visitor on your site and leads him to buy by offering him exactly what he is there for using popup messages.

Chat Bot

Improve customer experience and make their journey more efficient by collecting all the necessary information through an automated chat bot.

Marketing Automation

All in one tool for Marketing automation by automating segmentation with marketing messages.

Landing Pages

Create landing pages from scratch using code mode or drag and drop mode,  free templates or simply upload an already designed page.


With the help of the form, create fields quickly and easily to collect all user data directly in our tool.


Use all of the SalesSnap marketing channels together, simultaneously and segment your clients with high precision.


Keep all files in one place – no need for additional servers.


Generate new leads, collect valuable data and retain costumers in a non-invasive and fun way – through games and quizzes.

Addiko Bank - Case Study

Since 2018 New Look Entertainment has been designing, implementing, and successfully monitoring lead magnet and drip email campaigns for Addiko Bank Group, which operates in 7 countries. Addiko Bank has recognized the potential of the tool, driving constant success with Sales Snap in accordance with its business goals.

case study lead generation
host data

Host your data anywhere!

Be Completely GDPR Ready!​

GDPR is the toughest privacy and security law in the world. Though it was drafted and passed by the European Union (EU), it imposes obligations onto organizations anywhere, so long as they target or collect data related to people in the EU.

"I threw myself deep into it over the weekend and integrated it across everything we have and then started going crazy and coming up with some cool ways we could integrate it into other things. I love the thing."

Vedran Ivanković Senior Specialist for Corporate Communications - Addiko Bank
vedran ivankovic

"Sales Snap is a great tool that reduces time and eliminates mistakes. I recommend it to everyone."

Milan Kovačević Adriatic Region Manager - Gemius
milan kovacevic

"I'm sorry I didn't find out about this software earlier, but it's never too late. SalesSnap literally Lead makes a customer in a fast way and with little investment."

Srđan Novaković Digital transformation & innovation manager - Tehnomanija
srdjan novakovic

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Multiple Integration Options

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Oracle integration
Netsuite integration
Sugar CRM integration
Microsoft dynamics integration

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