One tool - many solutions for your marketing and sales!

SalesSnap is a unique tool on our market that includes several proven solutions that save you time and impact your sales!

Email marketing

Increase sales with personalized emails that are easy and simple to create!  

  • Choose from several templates or create your own email that is ready to be sent to the address of your potential customers. Name it, insert a dynamic token to address the user by name, and you’re good to!
  • Easily create beautifully designed emails that can help you promote your brand and expand your business. SalesSnap provides you with a wide range of pre-designed email templates that you can use, as well as a simple drag and drop feature and a full code mode if you want to create an email from scratch.
  • Enhance your email marketing practice by using dynamic content, such as a contact’s name, to develop a more personal relationship with them and improve their experience. Add other features such as forms to get additional information to further segment your contacts and optimize your marketing strategy.

Creating a personalized message has never been so important – but not as easy as it is now!

  • Write copy (email text)
  • Insert a dynamic token to address the user by name
  • Choose a segment
  • Submit the form via email and collect more information
email features marketing automation
sms features lead generation


  • Get customers to connect with your brand
  • Create an SMS strategy consistent with your other channels
  • Use SMS on the best days and times to send
  • Make your call to action clear and direct
  • Contact us – we will tell you exactly which strategy to use for each channel

Push notifications

Provide your customers with information about the latest promotions, features or other urgent information through specially targeted push notifications, web notifications, SMS, viber, etc. Simply compose your message, select a list and schedule it to be sent whenever you want! Using the SalesSnap API, you can easily integrate numerous services to maximize your marketing campaign.

  • Have your customers timely updates with push notifications
  • Get to know your audience
  • Create a web push notification (bigger open rate on the web unlike on a mobile phone)
  • Use a web push as a channel for promotions
  • Use a web push as a way to gather more information form a desktop
push notifications features marketing automation
viber features lead generation


  • Collect additional information about your potential customers with the help of Viber
  • Viber gives you information about locations
  • Use this information to properly target your customers with the right topic
  • Share any type of promotional video or pdf very quickly and check delivery status instantly
  • Encourage a friendly approach and develop trust with your customers by responding immediately, as this develops communication and a relationship with your customers who remain loyal to you.

Focus item - pop up

Encourage purchase with personalized pop-up messages!

Activate your customers through a wide range of interactive popups! Welcome popup, exit popup and gamification popup are just some examples of this feature. Extremely flexible and easy to use, the SalesSnap focus item creation tool allows you to integrate other components such as forms into your popup, as well as interactive features such as the wheel of fortune, memory game, etc. to maximize the engagement of your users.

  • Consider obstacles when creating the user journey
  • Create a popup with an interesting message
  • Place a popup on a specific page at a specific time, for a specific occasion
  • Watch your customers keep coming back to buy
focus item marketing automation
chat bot features lead generation

Chat bot

Optimize your business by automating communication with your customers and site visitors.

Easily create multiple versions of conversations that will quickly get your visitors the information they need and provide you with valuable data that can improve your marketing strategy and business as a whole.

In addition to excellent integration, our Chat Bot solution is also very easy to use and manage. Once you’ve set it up, just sit back and watch the golden information about your leads come pouring in.

Full Service

100% free support from 
Sales Snap Marketing And IT Team

We are a full-service agency that provides setup and management services for marketing automation tools, as well as complete marketing and strategic support if needed. Improve your business using our professional help!

Marketing Automation

SalesSnap is a marketing automation tool that will help you automate everyday monotonous tasks, thus freeing you up more time to focus on big strategic decisions!

One of the main goals of automating marketing processes is to make the marketing aspect of business more efficient, and here are 5 direct benefits of marketing automation:

  • Efficiency 
  • Leads management
  • Personalization of marketing communication
  • Expanding the contact base
  • Increase in sales
marketing automation features
landing pages features lead generation

Landing Pages

By creating a unique landing page, you provide users with a better and more focused experience on your site.

  • Expand your list of subscribers (those who signed up for your newsletter)
  • Landing pages allow you to test metrics directly related to your business goals
  • Create a landing page in less than a minute!

Fill out the form!

Easily create forms to help you generate new leads. Add as many sections as you want in forms, customize them and easily implement them whenever you want with the simple copy-paste principle of just one line of code! And if you decide to change the form in any way, it will automatically update without you having to do anything, saving you a lot of time. Of course, if you want to customize every detail and design of the created form, you can manually copy the code and adjust it to your liking. 

The SalesSnap form builder gives you endless possibilities – you can choose from many different form fields, make them mandatory, create custom error messages, set follow-up actions, etc. In addition to numerous predefined fields such as First Name, Last Name, Company or Email, you can also create custom fields to fill in that you can easily implement in your form and that are adapted to your needs.

Combine your forms with other SalesSnap items such as focus items for maximum results – Create an exit or welcome popup with a form inside and generate new leads instantly.

forms features marketing automation
segmentation features lead generation


Customer segmentation or market segmentation is a technique for categorizing your customers into appropriate groups according to various parameters. These parameters can be their buying behavior, location, income, interests, etc.

Segmentation has become a key part of any business these days. The statistics below show how it contributes to your revenue and conversion.

  • Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue in the company.
  • Segmented emails with personalized headlines increase open rates by 26%.

All assets in one place

Store all your files in one place without the need for additional servers. If your file format is different from the predefined ones, you can easily add them to the list of supported formats. 

assets features marketing automation
gamification features lead generation


Some people like to play board games with their friends such as card games or board games, some prefer online games either on computer or mobile. Playing games is a favorite pastime of all generations and we all love to try our luck! For this reason, we recognized them as a useful tool in the process of generating leads. 

Implementation usually takes a week.

The implementation is completely free.

The implementation is very simple and does not require the involvement of your programmers.

There is no contractual obligation; the contract is made for a specified period and can be terminated with a notice period of one month.

All data belongs to you after the end of collaboration.

Yes! Our Onboarding Specialists can guide you through the entire setup process to ensure your email environment is set up for success. You can also collaborate with our Delivery Consultants to assess your entire email program and receive a detailed evaluation to identify areas for optimization, such as configuring your IPs correctly or diagnosing email deliverability issues.

Once you create an account, you can send 1000 emails per month. If you need to send more than that, complete your account setup to upgrade to a paid plan!