The ecommerce business has had another year of exciting development and expansion. We’vewitnessed mergers, technological advancements, adaptations in the wake of the Covid-19outbreak, and new consumer-driven trends. Shopping online is now easier than ever with just a few taps on your smartphone. Onlinebuying was already on the increase and the epidemic has only accelerated the

importance of popups for generating revenue

Thanks to the New Look Entertainment agency’s new tool for the online acquisition of clients and for generating sales, you can now completely transfer your business sphere online. Besides the purpose of the acquisition of clients, a popup is also an engagement tool whose technical structure and display dynamics encourage better interaction with the end-users

A-B testing is a method by which an experiment is performed between two solutions of a task. It can be a FB ad, newsletter, landing page… Below we will talk about A-B testing of the newsletter, specifically the newsletter open rate. Do you know your target audience? Many marketers and entrepreneurs are sure that they

The use of Internet-based technologies such as emails, websites, chat rooms, forums, and other channels to fulfill CRM objectives is known as electronic customer relationship management (E-CRM). CRM is a well-structured and coordinated process that automates marketing, sales, and customer care procedures. An efficient E-CRM enhances the efficiency of processes, improves customer interactions, and allows