Why marketing automatisation?

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marketing automation

At the time of digitalization, all companies are searching for the perfect business solution. Managers and owners of the companies have only one goal, increase profit – increase sales. With a huge amount of solutions, it is very difficult to choose the right tool.

With Sales Snap now it is much easier to automate marketing tools and reach the right customers and buyers. With our marketing automation, you will have the right clients.


Very easy, it was very difficult to create and send the right newsletter to your clients, between thousands of email addresses you do not know the correct target group or the correct segmentation of your clients. Now, with our platform, you will be able to reach more leads and get more buyers.

With an easy SMS strategy to make your clients closer to your brand, add push notifications and always remind your customers of current discounts, or remind them to visit your web shop, our pop-up has very engaging sentences.

What else more?

Most of your customers are Viber users, with the sales snap platform sends very easily all types of documents and information to your clients, it is a very easy form to send actual offers, discounts, promotions, etc.

Do not leave your customer at the website without communication, make your communication automated with the chatbot and improve your marketing strategy.

With a combination of our tools or choosing the tool that best suits your needs and your business, you will successfully reach your goal of increasing sales, increasing the number of customers, and increasing profits, and of course, you will save a lot of time.

Do not waste time, schedule a free consultation with our experts, you will be surprised at the speed with which we improve your business.