The importance of popups for generating sales

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Thanks to the New Look Entertainment agency’s new tool for the online acquisition of clients and for generating sales, you can now completely transfer your business sphere online.

Besides the purpose of the acquisition of clients, a popup is also an engagement tool whose technical structure and display dynamics encourage better interaction with the end-users of your website and there are varieties of ways for you to convert your end-user to a lead while he/she is still on your website using New Look’s focus item tool and we have selected the following examples:

Technical characteristics of a popup

There is a pop-up notification appearing on your screen at a specific time while the end-user isstill browsing a particular page of your website and you can make strategic decisions on when do you want this pop up to show up and at what page, depending on what do you want to achieve. 

Options are that your popup appears immediately upon visiting the website if that particular user has visited more than x times; or if you want your intended strategic message to appear a little less aggressive – it can appear only on the particular page of the website, after an X number of seconds. You can also choose to have your pop-up showing up once per hour or similar.

Possibilities are many and the tool is very user-friendly in just a few clicks you’re gonna get on track with using it.

It is important to mention that all of this is possible without extra investment in design and development since the tool itself is very intuitive and user friendly and you can operate the tool by yourself, without any extra help on a side:

  • defining the goals of the campaign
  • defining the campaign triggers and
  • defining the visual part

Brownie’s point for the usage of the tool is that you can visually and strategically position your pop-up depending on the other information on your website. 

In the next few pages, you can see the popups showing up in different positions on the screen :

Pop up in the middle of the screen as a lead generator.

Pop up as a help provider.

Exit pop up

As for the nature of the popup notification, it is a small (or screen big) message that pops up on the screen containing a personalized message for your potential or acquired contact.

The body text and subject line of the popup helps you get to your desired user persona in a very natural and easy way and if you get stuck, we can help you along the way because we understand the importance of adjusting the tone of voice and writing that killer catchy copy.

However, it is not only the tone of the copy that makes the difference, it is also the stage of the customer journey that your potential customer is in at the moment of browsing.

In addition, we have prepared 8 ways for you to improve your business using the popups in an interesting and engaging way!

1. Popup as a catchy way of collecting data and generating leads?

An example of an interesting and non-intrusive popup is a game of chance. A fun, simple game of chance that appears at a certain point in the customer’s journey, to encourage some action that we designed when creating the strategy. The “wheel of fortune” gamification popup aims to collect data and consent specifically to your goal.

2. Popup as prevention for cart abandonment?

We have all witnessed how challenging it is to get a client on the road of its customer journey from the moment he heard about our brand, and finally clicked on that blog post – to the moment when they finally have visited our website and proceeded to the shopping cart and – ABANDON IT.

In the USA only, this headache costs more than 18 billion $dollars. This is the perfect time to have a popup showing up with a short direct catchy copy, communicating something like this “ 💪 10 % Off. Complete your shopping NOW!”

3. Hey, hi, how about a phone number? 😉 Pop up as an immediate way to collect numbers

If you are looking for a quick solution to collecting leads in terms of phone numbers, it is enough to come up with an interesting form in the form of a Wheel of Fortune, Scratch Scratch Form, Spin, or many others and grab the attention of your users by motivating them to submit the phone number to play the game and possibly win a prize, a service or a gift blog post on their interest. This is an ideal solution for Viber, and SMS campaigns, and as well for those of you running a Call Center based company.

4. Popup as a tool to improve your business and create a clear picture of where we are “bugging”?

Popup allows you to create forms of interviews and questionnaires where users can enter their answers, check those that already exist in predefined messages, or even enter the rating of service by typing numeric symbols… These results appear in predefined segmentation fields in the SalesSnap where you can export the data and create tailored survey metrics and statistics.

5. Popup as a strategic partner in effective communication?

What is a “native” pop-up, what is a “pop-up prompt” and how will they help me improve my communication with the client?

Popup prompt: as an unobtrusive friend “pops up and asks”: What are you interested in from the site?

For example – Phone masks – Headphones? -Chargers?

Popup native: As a friend who knows: Immediately after the click, pop up native pop up with the following content: -External charger-Charger for Android-Charger for Apple-Leave mail and view the offer.

6. Popup as a tool for re-engaging inactive clients ??

Many people mistakenly think that pop-up is just the way we collect emails and then those emails are stored in a database from where the emails are further sent … But popup is much more than that!

Depending on your brand and your needs and the plan you choose, our team of creative marketers will help you understand what you want, and together we will create a strategy.

One of our favorite ways to use pop-ups is to reactivate old customers as follows: Instead of persistently asking if they would like to join your list, consider offering a discount once they return to your site or if you’re not a fan of the discount, offer now new products or those that are best sellers 🙂

Popup as a virtual assistant ??

O yes!

 If, for example, you have a product that is not easy to buy online, such as glasses, real estate, clothes, creating a mini-guide through a pop-up, you can click on a document with useful download tips, which will, in turn, lead to your site and thereby increasing the chance of buying, in a very unobtrusive way.

8. Popup as inspiration to clients?

A good salesperson understands the emotional significance of shopping. In traditional stores, the salesperson leaves the customer happy after the meeting, regardless of whether the purchase was made or not.

Popup resembles the same. Seasonal pop-ups with inspirational messages designed by our creative team, if designed creatively and practically, can inspire instant shopping in line with trends! An example of such a popup is seasonal shopping, for holidays and important life events and trending events, which a team of young marketers follows us and adjusts accordingly.

To conclude, the possibilities and characteristics of popup are as follows:

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Recommended content
  • Facebook like
  • Message when leaving the site 
  • Contact form
  • Product promotion
  • Notices
  • Surveys
  • And much more


Complete solution for the client:

  • Control website promotions. Real-time analytics + campaigns
  • Desktop and mobile support
  • Reviewing statistics in real-time
  • A / B Testing
  • Dynamic campaigns
  • Reports