What is Marketing Automation?

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marketing automation

Marketing automation is a technology that manages marketing processes, meaning that campaigns are sent across multiple channels, automatically. With marketing automation, businesses can target customers with automated messages across email, web, social, popups, push notifications, and many more.

Marketing automation has the purpose of utilizing anything you have to the maximum! Imagine creating a campaign that has to be supported by email, SMS, and push notifications, and moreover- imagine these channels working together in a predefined way.

In Sales Snap, we use all channels of marketing simultaneously for increasing sales and interaction. We create campaigns carefully tailored to your brand and your sales goals and KPIs.

What are the 10 principles of Marketing Automation?

•        Start with a strategy. A marketing funnel is the core of the strategy

•        Explore your audience

•        Outline your assets.

•        Be sure at what step are you?

•        Create an engagement strategy

•        Be technically set up to avoid delays

•        Keep on learning. Always

•        Don’t be afraid to experiment

Why Marketing automation with Sales Snap is good for my business?

Did you know that most marketing agencies are not aware that they struggle with processes within the company and that the processes are mostly the main drawbacks of Marketing Automation? There are daily Tasks left unsolved and mostly they include pipeline management, following up on scheduling appointments, and other general administrative duties—all time-consuming yet critical lead nurturing activities.

If you are a small business owner or a big business owner, you know that generating leads is crucial to your business development and maintenance. By automating procedures between marketing and sales, you do solve one of the problems, but Marketing Automation can also help the internal organization of your employees. You can, for example, use automated emails and send them at a specific time to all of your employees to stay informed about the latest HR practices and changes, and in this way, you have it all – marketing, sales, and people working together in alignment.

And the data from sales and marketing automation statistics agree!!! Those who have adopted sales automation early on consistently report sales uplift potential of up to 10 percent.

Marketing automation affects your customers’ experience

Besides the above-mentioned benefits of Marketing automation, there is the most important one – Marketing automation helps build relationships with your customers and if set up with a proper strategy, it engages inactive users too.

If you want to meet the needs of customers and be sure that you’ve met their expectations, it is necessary to find out how the end-user or a  recipient interacts with the brand. The scheme of the customer’s shopping journey needs to be developed by a highly informed Marketing team, through all points of contact with the brand and this is step number one before thinking of setting some kind of technical automation.

The marketing team should be aware of the first mistake when it comes to creating a tailored marketing strategy, and that is – it is not only the discount that makes the users engaged, it is the life- long positive relationship.

3 ways how to grow with marketing automation with Sales Snap?

Create an effective content

Customer Experience support by targeting your customers with accuracy by providing timely and relevant content based on their unique preferences and increasing engagement and interaction in a very personalized way based on their unique profile.

Create an extraordinary shopping experience

When it comes to the shopping experience, there are many things that count. However, this time we would emphasize the push notification within Sales Snap as a perfect way to increase the customer experience. You can send push notifications at the best send time and the best send day and target your desired customer for any cause you need: cross-selling, upselling, cycle selling, or cart abandonment.

Set the campaigns

Now that you have the content and you have all the marketing channels working together, it is time for you to start setting automatic campaigns in Sales Snap using all of the SalesSnap channels. Request a demo or visit our blog page for more details.


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