What is a Customer Journey?

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customer journey

Customer Journey is the way your customer interacts with your brand. It can best be understood by visualizing the process.

Visually, the user journey describes both direct interactions, such as contacting the customer support team, and indirect interactions, such as hearing about the brand and benefits.

The image below is a visual representation of the customer journey map. Read our blog Targeting and Segmentation of Leads and contact us for a free consultation related to the customer journey of your specific clients.

Campaign flow

How does customer journey work in Sales Snap?

Use customer journey management to optimize your engagement and messaging with Sales Snap interactive marketing channels (to clear the path to conversion for each client).

By using all Sales Snap channels, such as email, sms, viber, focus item and webpush, improve your user experience by sending messages in a timely and relevant way using Sales Snap tools that improve your sales and foster long-term trust and collaboration.

The Sales Snap team consists of marketing and support experts who will be happy to guide you through a free demo and, if necessary, accompany you at every step of your business during the campaign or project.

Sales Snap covers all 5 stages of customer journey

There are five stages of the customer journey that a person needs to go through on their way before they finally buy your product, and this is how Sales Snap works for you:

Awareness (awareness of the existence of the product). Product awareness is the first phase of the customer journey. In this phase, product benefits are placed to a specific target group and leads are targeted by creating a buyer profile by the Sales Snap marketing team, and then lead generation with the help Sales Snap in a very interesting and innovative way. Read our blog for more information.

Consideration is the second phase of the customer journey where the customer finds the benefit and considers the purchase. In this phase, it is possible to create promotional content of various types and formats, as a “catch” for potential customers that gives added value, so for this phase we use downloadable assembly options.

Purchase. As part of the tool, we create workflows or customer journey maps. It is possible to include one or all elements in these maps, ie. marketing channels. Leads are divided into segments, behavior is monitored and they are targeted at the right time with the appropriate message. A picture of an example of a simpler drip can be found in the text above. The chance of buying increases by sending push notifications upon arrival on the site, departure from the site, visiting a page of the site more than a certain number of times and so on. 

Retention. To better understand how important retention is, we will first look at the fact that 380 sites are created in the world in a minute. In Sales Snap we have developed an element called FOCUS ITEM, which successfully keeps users on the site by leaving without completing the purchase, the user is shown a message in the form of an exit pop-up that communicates a discount or other value so that the user can still complete the purchase. As many as 43% of users return to complete their purchase.

Advocacy. Trust and recommendation are the last point of the user’s journey in the tool and trust and messages come as a result of good marketing, more precisely the correct use of all Sales Snap tools, and the right guidance of the potential customer to purchase, segmenting and sending relevant messages.

Sales Snap has successfully increased the business of many clients, and for a free consultation and demo, contact us to help your business increase the number of leads and make sales!