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Marketing automation must be understood primarily from the point of market and market trends, in order to understand its application through software.

Relatively new, in our market, marketing automation unites the work of all marketing channels. The question is what to do when there are too many channels and how to avoid chaotically sending messages that people recognize as spam?

The answer is Marketing Automation through Sales Snap and that was the topic of our presentation at the prestigious GEMIUS conference where Sales Snap aroused great interest.

Sales Snap software

Sales Snap is user friendly software that in all its options has the same or similar logic of creating campaigns, sign up forms, focus items, popups, web pushes and so on.

Components of Sales Snap marketing automation software

Assets – all in one place

When we talk about assets, we mean the complete documentation that you work with, which you can keep in one place, without the need to use additional software. Our clients have excellent experience with the downloadable assets option, which they successfully use to share e-books of various formats, videos, news and notifications, which can be set to automatically download or display in a new window.

By automatically downloading these materials, the Sales Snap pixel sends feedback to the segments, so that all the leads who open some advertising material move to the next segment and are further guided to the consumer basket. Read about segmentation within the Sales Snap tool on our blog – Targeting and Segmenting Leads in Sales Snap.

Forms for accurate generation of relevant information

Sign up forms are the pride of Sales Snap tools because we have developed several different form designs.

Sign up forms within Sales Snap are easy to create and most importantly, it is through these forms that our users give different types of consent related to privacy, which makes Sales Snap a tool that operates under the laws of GDPR.

Landing pages – a digital business must-have

Landing pages are an absolute must-have when it comes to digital marketing, and Sales Snap automation software also has a landing page that works on the principle of drag and drop for those who do not like to code, and for those who like, they have full freedom to do so in the code mode. To learn more about using landing pages in Sales Snap, contact our expert by clicking here.

Dynamic content for personalized communication

Sales Snap as a smart solution offers the option of dynamic content and reduces the amount of manual work and entering usernames.

We all know that it is very important today to send personalized messages and we have all had the experience of reading an email that starts with our name and surname and how much such an experience sharpens the focus on the content of that message.

By using dynamic content, by entering a simple formula before creating the content of the message, you drag your client’s name from the database and the client receives an email starting with his/her first and last name.

Digital marketing channels in Sales Snap

Email campaigns have never been more fun!

Needless to say, the importance of email communication today, but it is important to note that within Sales Snap, creating email drips has never been easier or more intuitive!

Sales Snap offers several ready-made templates, and all you need to do is start the Sales Snap Email Builder, which works on the principle of drag and drop, and create creative email templates in a short time!

As always, for those who like to encode, it is possible to code emails using the code mode option.

Even more personal and even more direct messages with Sales Snap Viber and SMS

Sales Snap software for automation of marketing activities has Viber and SMS marketing channels through which it communicates even more precisely and even more personally with its customers.

The invisible advantage of these communication channels is that the messages are sent in a predefined “best send time” in accordance with the messages that the user from the same segmentation group receives from other channels.

SMS and Viber messages are defined in terms of content and strategy together with the messages of all other marketing channels within the Sales Snap Software for Marketing Automation.

Endless possibilities of focus items (pop ups)

Pop up is a feature of Sales Snap marketing automation software that can be talked about the most, and the reasons are simply creative and a strong message that focus item, ie. pop up, leaves for the following reasons:

Focus item or pop up is divided into “native” and “pre-pop up” by the roughest division. Pre-popup opens on your device screen and has the power to get information about the type of data the end user wants to receive from your site, while native pop up – just that information and sends.

Exit pop up prevents users from leaving the site by displaying a personalized message. Experience so far says that as many as 43% of users return to the shopping bag after an exit pop up message that communicates some added value for the user if he continues to the basket.

Pop up can technically be set to come out after a certain time, on a precisely defined page of the site and with a personalized message. Pop sounds interesting? Contact us for a free presentation on the uses and benefits of pop up within the Sales Snap software.

Web push for desktop users

It has been proven that among the younger population, as many as 61% of Internet users prefer to use mobile phones, but the percentage of the remaining 49% of people is not negligible, especially if we take into account that desktop users accept notifications more often than mobile phone users, and they even have restrictions depending on the type of phone they use.

Web push notifications work on a similar principle as mobile notifications, and creating them within marketing automation software, Sales Snap is simple and intuitive, just like creating and using all other options from the tool.

You can get more information about web push notifications by contacting our Sales Snap Marketing and Support team, by clicking here.

Real-time analytics

On the Dashboard page, it is possible to adjust the analytics parameters in a few simple clicks and thus determine the type of analytical information you want to see! Using Sales Snap analytics software for automation, we get a general picture of the overall interaction and users, more precisely the changes in their behavior.

Sales Snap has advanced analytics that provides information on the number of contacts created per day, the number of visits per day, the points that categorize contacts for loyalty programs, the number of downloaded documents (assets), the number of open and sent emails and all other activities.

Your databases are yours alone!

Sales Snap software saves your database for the duration of a campaign or activation. All contacts are clearly arranged with all relevant information within the software.

All contacts in the Sales Snap database have voluntarily agreed to be there! The different types of contact consents that become databases depend on your specific requirements, and the consent itself is created through the FORMS option.

Sales Snap Marketing Team provides support in creating and copying text that is on the Form when filling out the consent, as well as support in creating the document itself in relation to business policy, rules of sweepstakes, data processing and the like.

Automation software scores and categorizes your leads!

Marketing automation is much more than the ability of software to bring all software channels together to deliver personalized messages at the right time.

When we talk about automation, and especially about automation software, it is important to understand that EVERYTHING related to Sales Snap is automated.

For Sales Snap, leads are not only automated in a way that they are arranged and filtered by segments, but even so precisely determined, leads are even more specifically segmented by the number of points their engagement carries and we have leads from the following groups: Golden, Bronze and Silver.

Endless possibility of integration within Sales Snap

Marketing automation software, Sales Snap, provides integration capabilities with many other software, and it is possible to add plugins and many other integrations. Contact our support team for a free demo by clicking here.