Targeting and Segmenting Leads in Sales Snap

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targeting and segmenting leads lead generation
targeting and segmenting leads

To better understand targeting and segmentation leads, it is necessary to first understand how the market is segmented. The roughest segmentation of the market involves choosing the market, choosing the buyer persona, clearly defining the benefits of the products we offer and of course, taking concrete action once we have all the research ready.

Easier market targeting with Sales Snap

Sales Snap makes it easy to target potential leads. Numerous researches listed above can now be skipped and save time, because Sales Snap works on the principle of arousing interest in the already existing number of people on the Internet.

The first round of segmentation, therefore, is done by bringing leads to the client’s site where the Sales Snap pixel is installed using various methods of collecting leads, and the second part is done by arranging the collected leads into segments that assign specific values.

Now that we have a certain number of leads, we create segments within the Sales Snap tool. Each segment has a specific name that is characteristic of the group of people in those segments.

Targeting and Segmenting Leads

Lead segmentation in Sales Snap

In addition to the segment name, it is necessary to create additional parameters for more precise segmentation. In Sales Snap you have an unlimited number of options for adding specific parameters. Identification parameters are divided into basic, such as: name, gender, age, geolocation and specific ones that you determine.

Examples of some specific parameters are: Visited the page more than three times, left the shopping cart, answered “yes” or “no” to a segmentation question and everything else that is specific to your niche and your interest.

Within the tool, creating specific parameters to distinguish segments, i.e. filters, is called a custom field. The custom field is created in a few simple clicks, and our team of experts is there for full support during your onboarding. Book your first free Sales Snap onboarding by clicking here.

Lead segmentation in real time!

The great option of the Sales Snap tool for complete automation of marketing activities is reflected in the fact that all segments are updated in real time. This means that if at one time there are 3,000 people in the segment “visited the page more than three times”, that number changes depending on changes in lead behavior, and in the midst of awareness campaigns, that number of leads changes very quickly, and cron job running in the background, easily recognizes the jump from 3000 leads to 3500, 4000 leads and so on. For details visit our blog called Sales Snap Marketing Automation Software.

The lead who was in the segment called “visited the page more than three times” received a message that is intended specifically for him, more precisely, all those who are in that segment, and those who go one step further, move to another segment.

In this way, within Sales Snap, we actively monitor the behavior of people, with the aim of sending timely messages, all in a non-invasive way to avoid unsubscribes.For a detailed understanding of the essence of marketing automation visit our blog Core of Marketing Automation (shorturl.at/biuKN) or contact us to explain live.

Contact us and we’ll guide you through lead segmentation within Sales Snap!