Core of Marketing Automation

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core marketing automation

Focus on neglected staff and processes

The scourge of modern business today is the increasing neglect of human resources. Technology has brought a new trend where it is very difficult to keep your employees, and with the generation of millennials, the maximum retention in one company is up to two years.

The trend of employee turnover is an invisible hand that takes income from your company, and many losses are not only related to monetary ones. Your clients are getting used to the employees, trust is hard to build with new employees, the costs of onboarding for six months to a year are huge, and you don’t have time to deal with it!

By automating marketing activities and processes in your company, one of the not so obvious benefits is time for more creative human resource management, and below is an explanation of the essence of marketing automation using Sales Snap tools.

What are the essential problems solved by automation?

Eliminating the consequences of human error is the core of marketing automation. The scope of necessary steps to complete an action has become too difficult for a person, so Sales Snap automation increases efficiency and reduces errors.

By using the Sales Snap automation tool, you will certainly save time on eliminating errors, i.e. it is quite certain that you will use the time to correct them more efficiently.

Sales Snap solves all the essential problems within a company and greatly contributes to its overall progress.

Higher productivity in less time

The Sales Snap tool is designed to have everything in one place. Creating a campaign, naming campaigns, saving campaigns, everything is done directly in the tool where you can clearly give descriptions of campaigns, purpose and goals and add all the relevant information for each individual campaign.

Sales Snap tool has its own analytics, which means that the tool monitors a series of activities and very transparently displays statistics in real time, and these statistics show data on time, date and number of visits, the percentage of open messages by the client and much more that you can set up very easily.

The conclusion is that by using the Sales Snap tool, you even get your own analytics, so the analytics itself is automated in accordance with all other communication channels and the behavior of your users. Contact us for a free consultation here.

Sales Snap support in every moment

The Sales Snap tool is not only user friendly in itself, but also provides full support. In addition to the learning page, we are also preparing a newsletter program with tutorials for using the tools, and that’s not all!

New Look Entertainment offers you the support of our operators live and through Zoom, and the support includes both technical support and suggestions from our marketing team.

Sales Snap is the core of marketing automation, but also the core of marketing strategy. Read more about Workflow strategies below.

What is a workflow and why is it the core of automation?

The essence of marketing automation is that all the messages that need to reach someone are sent automatically to the user and this work process is called workflow. The process is determined in relation to the needs of each individual client, so depending on the form, workflow is divided into: 

  1. Template workflow which our team of marketing experts creates from scratch
  2. Workflow which you can create 
  3. Workflow which is live, which means that its flow changes during the campaign itself, for better optimization.

Automate your business using all Sales Snap channels simultaneously

The image below is an example of what it looks like when all the tools are used together.

By using all the tools together, your potential client is covered at every point of its journey from lead to customer, your processes are transparent and subject to change according to the results of real time analytics, and your employees are relieved and more efficient to perform other activities within the company.

Core of Marketing Automation
Marketing automation campaign

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