What is Lead Generation?

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lead generation

Simply put, lead generation is driving consumer interest

There are currently about 500,000 Internet searches a day on average, and the total number of Internet visitors in the world has increased by 196 million in 12 months, which means that there are about 5 trillion Internet users in the world at the moment.

All these people are looking for something that interests them, and it is up to us to start their interest in exactly what we want to achieve.

Sales Snap tool has numerous possibilities for lead generation, and below are concrete examples, which have already brought proven results with our clients.

Product testing

The most common misconception when talking about generating leads comes from the belief that only something is offered and sold to leads. Such an approach is not only not true, but even if applied aggressively, it can have the opposite effect.

Lead generation is also important for gathering information about a product, its representation, possible suggestions and changes within the product itself, which is important for product owners.

Company’s services

Lead generation, of course, is also done to share information about the company’s services. If we take into account the broader marketing picture, not all services are the same. Some services are needed only a few times a month or even a year.

By generating info about people who are interested in polishing silver or gold jewelry, registering boats, or servicing air conditioners, we create a database to which specific services of interest to them are sent at specified intervals.

What Lead Generation can do for you?

Increase contact base

The core of generating leads, regardless of the type of information we collect, is always to increase the contact base. Within the Sales Snap tool, all databases can be easily and quickly imported and exported.

Lead database does not exist in the form of a bunch of contacts, but these contacts are precisely segmented under different criteria and actively monitored!

When we say actively monitored, we mean that, among other things, leads move from segment to segment, as their behavior changes, which means that segments are always LIVE!

Increase sales

Now that we know that the segments are LIVE – sales are certain!In the Sales Snap tool, we create email campaigns, viber and sms campaigns, push notification campaigns, pop up campaigns, webpush campaigns.

Wheel of fortune

They are all created within one drip so that they target all the leads within one segment so that sales are almost certain!

Motivate repurchase

Based on the aforementioned benefits of generating leads, namely 1) generation 2) segmentation and 3) sales, it is logical that the issue of cross-selling and upselling comes, so encouraging repurchase by existing customers who have already bought something.

Sales Snap allows us to do this by tracking behavior and it is known when the purchase of a particular product is made, so that person is automatically offered a similar product, which is the beauty of marketing automation, which you can find out more here.

In one of our texts, we dealt with the topic of the importance of understanding general marketing trends. Bearing in mind the importance of collecting leads, but also lead nurturing, upselling and crosseling, we responsibly claim that Sales Snap is a complete solution for all your marketing activities. For free marketing and technical consultations, contact us via this link.

What are the characteristics of Lead Generation?

Direct customers towards you

As we mentioned earlier, around 500,000 people are searching the Internet per day. Your goal is to direct these people. People will search for what is available.

You decide what is available to them, and they decide what interests them. Lead generation is a carefully designed concept of attracting people in an interesting and specific way to you and of course – sales!

Increase sales by attracting leads from the internet

It has been pointed out several times what is the logic behind the movement of leads through sites. Now that we know how many people are on the Internet, when we know what the purpose of generating leads is, all that remains is to understand that A LEAD IS NOT THE SAME AS A MARKETING LEAD.

A lead is any person who is on the Internet at any time. A marketing lead is the user who is “hooked” on our offer. At Sales Snap we do just that, we turn leads into marketing leads.

Generating leads perfect for you – Lead Marketing

The feature of generating leads is that once a user crosses the path from lead to marketing lead, inside the Sales Snap tool, that lead currently falls under a certain segment with specific characteristics and is strategically guided to the shopping bag.

How Sales Snap generates leads?


Sales Snap tool for complete automation of the Marketing process has a unique way of collecting leads. Namely, so far we have developed 4 different activations in the form of gamifications, which have already been proven to bring results to many clients.

Games of chance are a favorite activation among clients because of their fun character, interesting design and because they communicate rewards very clearly through entertainment. It has been scientifically proven that the brain learns best through play and fun.

We designed activations in the form of Wheel of fortune, Scratch game, Knowledge quiz, Slot games and many others and by placing these activations on client sites, their leaders were guided to the landing page after the game, and after that towards the shopping bag and checkout.

Organically – installing the Sales Snap pixel

Generating  leads means performing some action with the goal of bringing existing traffic to your site. In the text above, we talked about how traffic is brought through interesting activations in the form of gamifications.

Organic generation of leads is different. By installing Sales Snap pixel on your site, we monitor the behavior of all site visitors without prior guidance on visiting the site.

Organic tracking of visits is very useful and gives a clear insight into the difference in the number of people who visit the site at their discretion, which further serves as a comparison with the number of people who visit the site through activations.

Generate leads through social media campaigns

Sales Snap is a tool that collects your contacts and segments them according to specific criteria. Each lead goes to the appropriate segment in which it is until it changes its interest or behavior, so it automatically switches to another segment.

Segmented leads in Sales Snap appear as a contact database. Lead bases can be imported and exported in accordance with the law.

Sales Snap does not keep your contacts after the end of the lead collection campaign. In that sense, Sales Snap is a mini CRM for storing these contacts during the campaign, which is another feature of the tool.

Sales Snap generates leads in accordance with the law

In addition to the above reasons, collecting leads provides information on geolocation, gender, future plans and many other information relevant to your business or, for some point in the development of your strategy, regardless of industry.

Lead generation is at the heart of any activity you want to start when it comes to increasing sales. Consult for free about your reasons for generating leads and contact us immediately here.