Do business with us because we specialise in this field

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our specialty lead generation

Sales Snap is the pride of the New Look Entertainment agency, because we are among the first to bring automation to our market, while it has been current in America and the world for ten years. We approach your business in an exclusive and professional manner.

Despite the fact that we have many successfully completed projects and satisfied clients, we approach each new client with the same enthusiasm that juniors have in business, but in combination with our twenty-year experience.

We don’t just bring you leads, we come up with innovative and creative ways to bring leads to your site and take care of every step of their customer journey. We do our work because we love it, and we measure love through the Sales Snap tool, where we can monitor and optimise your campaigns at any time.

Do business with us because we are experts

We have been dealing with marketing and IT for more than twenty years and know that experience is the definition of success. We are aware that digital marketing is a novelty in our area, and that its automation is the youngest and most popular technological industry, and we are ready to answer all your questions.

Leave all the activities to us, because we are responsible for improving your business, from setting up and managing the tool, to creating email campaigns and design, copywriting and managing the entire project, from the moment your business with us is finished, i.e. when we hand over your user base to you.

We work for the long haul. If your B2B brand requires it, the Sales Snap Marketing Team offers maintenance and lead nurturing, upsell and cross-sell services, as long as you need it. In our client base, we also have a bank with which we have been doing business successfully for more than 6 years, in 5 regions!

Do business with us because we know “how”

We are not just a marketing agency, we are a team of IT experts and we are at your disposal through all points and steps of cooperation. We implement and update the tool regularly and take care of the security of your clients’ data and your image.

Over 20 years of experience in IT is exactly what makes us different from the average digital marketing agency. We are more than that. We are Sales Snap “all-in-one” tool for marketing automation. 

We have under our belt many projects, marketing strategies, estimations and analytics from which we extract information and create case studies. We have a “hands on experience” mindset with high levels of client satisfaction.

Our team of professionals is here for you

Our team is made up of experts in various fields. All our employees are at least academically educated professionals with years of experience and all employees in our agency speak excellent English and follow current trends.

As a team, we attend conferences, are always further training and love to help each other and our clients. Our team currently consists of 20 people who do their work with great dedication and responsibility.

Once a week, a meeting of the Sales Snap team is held in our agency, where we share knowledge and set higher goals and standards in providing services and improving tools every week. We are very proud of the fact that we attend education and international conferences, and last month we went to a conference in Budapest, where we learned more about automation.

Our method that “works”

Kick off meeting as the first step is aimed at understanding you and your needs. Project managers, digital account managers and account executives are present at kick-off meetings. After the kick off meeting, a project plan proposal is created.

After creating the project plan, an internal meeting is held with the creative team where the first steps are concluded. The next step involves uploading tasks internally to the project management platform, where each of the participants in the project works on their task, which has been elaborated in detail.

The dynamic is such that when we complete the offer proposal with a detailed plan, we schedule a meeting with you and propose to you the best solution. The next step is, of course, implementation, we go live and you watch your base grow, as well as your profit!

We help you reach your goal

Our goal is your goal. Your goal is our goal. We are guided by planning, execution, deadlines, goals and results, both on a personal and business level. Our main goal is your profit increase and long-term cooperation.

Schedule a free demo where we can walk you through the tool and introduce you to our team, and start growing your business with Sales Snap automation today.