How to Choose a Good Agency for Marketing Automation?

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How important marketing automation is, we can see from numerous examples that it is a waste of time, money and other resources, which occurs during the implementation of certain marketing processes. In addition to all that, the factor of human error is inevitably present when employees operate those processes. And finally, it is not a realistic, objective and cost-effective option to hire people for all three shifts, so that your website visitors have 24/7 online support. With all that in mind, it’s pretty clear why you need marketing automation, but it’s important to note – not just any automation.

Choosing the right agency to entrust the automation of marketing processes within your business is a very important step, because otherwise everything you want to improve could actually turn out to be counterproductive. In that case, even the consequences for your business could be unfathomable, which happens with every business segment when it is not implemented in an adequate and professional manner. In the following text, find out what are the indicators of a good marketing automation agency from which you can expect professional, competent and thorough service.

What indicates that the agency is competent and professional?

1. It is specialized in that area

A marketing automation agency that is invested in this field and from which you can expect positive results is an agency that specializes in that field. Although there are several other services that the agency can provide in addition to marketing automation, its primary area is precisely marketing automation. An agency that has developed a tool that automates marketing processes deeply and thoroughly knows every segment and aspect of that tool, its scope, functionality, and methods, and can guarantee you results based on the previous testing.

2. It has in-house experts

This criterion is based on the previous one, but it differs in nuances. When choosing an agency to entrust the automation of your marketing processes, it is important to know that the agency must have experts in that specific field. These are people who have many years of experience working in this field, the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as positive results in their experience. They know the tool that automates marketing processes down to the finest detail because they created it and know that this entire segment of marketing should be approached carefully and highly professionally because the user’s data is at stake here. And here we come to the next criterion.

3. GDPR-ready agency

The agency you hire must be GDPR-ready, that is, it operates under the law on data protection, since the marketing automation tool collects the personal data of your users.

4. Provides additional services in the field of marketing

The agency for marketing automation you hire to improve your marketing should also have an internal marketing team made up of people with various profiles in the field of marketing. This is important primarily because only a team with a deep understanding of marketing processes as a whole can help you improve a specific segment of your marketing. And not only that, but in that case, you have at your disposal a whole range of various marketing services for which you can also hire them, in addition to the marketing automation itself.

5. It has a rich portfolio of clients

A proven and established agency can boast of a large number of clients who have placed their trust in it. Keep this criterion in mind when choosing an agency to improve your business through the automation of marketing processes, because it indicates that it is a serious and professional agency to which big names have entrusted their marketing. And here we come to the next criterion, closely related to this one.

6. …as well as client testimonials

As mentioned, this criterion builds on the previous one. The only difference is that here we are talking about clients who shared their experience with the given agency and expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation, service, and achieved results. Those impressions of satisfied users of the services provided by the agency should be on its website in the “Testimonials” section, very transparently. These testimonials are a real treasure for anyone looking for a marketing automation agency, because nothing speaks more concretely, efficiently, and reliably about the agency’s service than previous, satisfied clients.