SMS and Viber messages – why are they important for your marketing strategy?

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When creating a business strategy, one of the most important aspects of that strategy is the marketing strategy. When we talk about successful marketing practice, it implies that companies use all available channels and resources to reach their customers and nurture a relationship with them for further cooperation. It is important to use all the marketing potential, because when marketing does not use all the available resources, there is a great possibility that the marketing strategy will be less successful and effective. One such function that is very important in the marketing strategy and has a great impact on the success of the marketing campaign is sending messages via SMS and Viber.

Sales Snap marketing automation tool was created to help you make your marketing campaign complete and effective. It uses all the resources and channels available so that you have the ability to reach your target audience and send the message you want, interact with them, and ultimately, collaborate, which is the goal of every business.

How can SMS and Viber messages contribute to your business?


Implementation of the SMS campaign is one of the important segments of the marketing strategy. SMS as a channel through which you can reach potential customers is still a popular and important method that will help your business grow. SMS marketing allows you to reach and interact with your target audience. Also, the SMS campaign has proven to be a very successful method of building relationships with customers because you have the ability to send them personalized messages at the right moment, which is important because you show that you care about their experience, to send them exclusive and time-limited offers. You also contribute to your brand image, and every business that wants to succeed and stand out from the competition strives to create a positive image of its brand.

All of the above leads to positive relationships with customers, resulting in better sales and business success, and is also a significant method of raising user awareness of your brand. The success of SMS is that it proves to be one of the best channels for sending targeted, relevant messages to customers about your brand and current, exclusive offers. For a successful SMS campaign, it is very important that the messages are time-aligned (SMS messages should be sent at a suitable time during the day), shorter, attract attention and clear (avoid long messages and focus on a concise idea that directly communicates what you want your client to know) and one of the most important conditions for your SMS campaign to be successful – to contain a CTA, i.e. a call to action.


Being one of the most popular applications with more than a billion users worldwide, Viber is one of the most effective channels for implementing marketing goals. Through Viber, you can send relevant messages at the right time, messages with content specifically aimed at a specific client according to his activities on your site, messages that aim to inform him about current offers, discounts, time-limited offers that send a message about the urgency of the purchase, and similar to that. Viber messages, as well as SMS, can be personalized, which greatly contributes to the overall impression of the user who receives a message with his name and tailored to his interests. As such, this application has great potential and is a very effective solution for the successful implementation of a marketing campaign that results in positive and improved sales outcomes.

Implement your SMS and Viber strategy with the help of Sales Snap

The Sales Snap tool for marketing automation includes features that allow you to fully customize the messages that reach your prospects and existing customers. SMS and Viber messages are some of the numerous functions that you use to support email marketing, so that if a person does not open an email, in accordance with the automated strategy, the tool will send him a message via Viber or SMS, whereby the user from that segmentation group is covered on all steps of your customer journey. All this results in some kind of user action and in a significant percentage leads to his conversion into your customer.