Abandoned cart – reduce the percentage of cart abandonment

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We can all agree that sales is the core of business and that without successful sales there is no successful business. When it comes to online sales, the success of the sale depends on whether the user takes all the steps during the purchase, that is, whether he reaches the last step that says: “Buy”, or gives up on one of the steps in the purchase process.

The reasons why this happens are numerous, but it is important for you to know that there is a solution to reduce the abandonment rate. In the following text, learn more about what is an abandoned cart and how to regulate its percentage by using the Sales Snap tool, which contains methods to reduce the abandoned cart rate.

What is an abandoned cart?

Abandoned cart refers to a situation where users who have started the shopping process do not complete the purchase, but give up at one of the previous steps. It happens more often than you think – as many as 77% of users abandon the cart before making a purchase, that is, 86% on a mobile phone. This number is a devastating number for sales, since a large percentage of users do not make a purchase at all.

Why is cart abandonment occurring?

Abandoning the cart before completing the purchase is a big problem that businesses face, but fortunately, there is a solution. Let’s first understand the dynamics behind cart abandonment and why it happens.

First of all, you need to distinguish the phenomenon of cart abandonment from payment abandonment. Abandoning cart refers to the fact that the customer has abandoned the purchase at any stage up to the payment stage, and abandoning the purchase refers to the situation when the customer abandons the final step, after having previously taken all the steps, i.e. entered all the data, and gives up at the last stage when it is time to pay.

A user interface that is not optimized is the basis of the largest number of reasons why people do not complete the purchase process

You must have heard about the user experience on the site by now. This criterion is among the first that businesses must be guided by when creating their website – to provide users with a good experience. This means that the site must be easy to browse, easy to use, that the information is accessible (and relevant), and that all functions on the site work as they should. The latter especially applies to online shopping, as a large percentage of cart abandonment occurs precisely because the shopping section is not functional or is unacceptable to users for any reason. Make sure that your entire site is organized so that the user can easily navigate it, find what they need easily, and that all functions in the shopping section work.

Some reasons why users don’t complete a purchase

1. Poor navigation – if they can’t easily find all the information they need for the purchase process, that is, all the steps, there is a high probability that they will abandon the cart.

2. Slow site loading – another reason why people will not only abandon the cart (abandoned cart rate) but also leave the site (bounce rate) is slow loading pages. In a time when everything is easily and quickly available, people have no patience for sites that have not taken care to optimize their content.

3. Complicated payment process – if users find your payment process complicated and confusing or if they can’t easily find a payment option, it will most likely result in them abandoning the payment. Also, the lack of a preferred payment method, as well as being asked to re-enter their credit card information further affects the abandoned cart rate.

4. Shipping costs – this reason is not of a technical nature, but it is one of the most common motives for abandoning the basket. Free shipping is a significant benefit that motivates most people to make a purchase, so if you don’t offer this benefit, chances are high that cart abandonment is caused by that.

The Sales Snap tool can help you reduce your cart abandonment rate

Sales Snap marketing automation tool helps your marketing strategy in many ways and contributes to improving your marketing performance. One of the features within Sales Snap that helps you make better sales is the Abandoned cart set up.

The integration refers to the connection of the shop with the Sales Snap tool, in order to trigger the sending of an email to the user who has left the cart with content, remind him to complete the purchase, resulting in user returning to the purchase field.

Based on his reaction (whether he made a purchase or not), the next email is triggered with content that prompts him to make a purchase, with an emphasis that the available quantity of the product is limited. The time dynamics of sending emails is: the first email arrives 3 hours after leaving the basket, the second after 24 hours, and the third also after another 24 hours. In this way, we “bring the user back into the game” and encourage him to make a purchase that he had previously abandoned.