Collecting leads through gamification

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An effective lead collection strategy can help expand your potential client base. One of the ways you can easily and quickly collect leads is gamification.

How to keep your customers entertained and get useful data?

People usually do not like sharing their private information, especially online. However, if you approach them in an interesting and non-aggressive way, plus offer some kind of reward in return, they will give you their data.

Participants in a game designed to collect leads for a specific company will take some of their time to play the game and submit some info. In addition, they will have fun and win a prize.

This is exactly what makes gamification stand out as a great way to collect leads.

Sales Snap gamification

Because games are interesting for both children and adults, Sales Snap has a wide selection of games to include in marketing campaigns.

Games like wheel of fortune, memory games, scratch cards, slot machines and various quizzes can be implemented. All of them are of great importance for creating a lead base and segmenting potential clients.

Through gamification, within the marketing automation tool, Sales Snap, we encourage users to activate. They will leave their information and accept consent to receive news and promotion related to the products of certain companies.

The data you request from the user can be the basic ones, such as first name, last name and e-mail address. However, for some campaigns you will also need information about gender, age, social status, some interests of users, etc.

This information is useful for segmenting your customers and tailoring your offers to their needs. Any future interaction with them will be easy, by sending newsletters, Viber and SMS messages and the like.

In this way, leads will easily turn into customers, who will show their loyalty to almost every campaign you make.

Games within Sales Snap that serve to collect leads

Various games can be implemented with Sales Snap, with which you can collect leads, and over time convert them into reliable customers.

Users can have fun with the “Wheel of Fortune game. In just a few seconds, they can receive a reward, such as a discount, a free product or some other benefit that you have prepared. On the other hand, you will receive personal data and consent from them, making them potential leads.

The “Memory Game”, modeled after a children’s memory game, is also one of the fun ways to get leads. Users will be motivated to engage by leaving their data upon completing the game.

Another useful game for collecting leads, which works on a simple principle, is “Scratch card”. Users need to scratch the surface of the card and leave their email address so that the prize will be sent to them.

The “Slot” game works with one click, which starts the machine. If the user wins, he should leave his details to receive the prize.

You can also attract the attention of users with various quizzes, as an effective way to collect leads.

Create a quiz with interesting questions on a specific topic and let users test their knowledge. They will have fun and leave you with information that is essential for achieving good results.

You can easily monitor the results of your marketing campaigns if you activate one of these games. You will see how many leads you have collected, and based on that you will find out how effective this marketing activity is.

Collecting leads through gamification is an excellent strategy for collecting potential customers. The various games, as well as the prizes to be won, can be an incentive for many people to participate. Users will be able to play an interesting game, which will not take them more than a few seconds. After that, they will receive a motivating reward, and you will get their data needed for future marketing campaigns.