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The pinnacle of marketing automation is achieving more personal contact with potential clients, for the sake of better business results. For this to happen easily and without problems, adequate marketing automation software is needed.

The advantage of software such as Mautic is that it is a world-renowned digital marketing platform. It greatly helps in managing and growing a business by offering state-of-the-art marketing automation.

Based on the same software as the Mautic, its partner Sales Snap, an upgraded version of the marketing automation software, stands out.

Using different digital marketing channels, it helps you save time, avoid mistakes and improve the efficiency of several tasks.

Sales Snap as a partner of Mautic

Mautic is a world-renowned and recognized software, which is used for marketing automation.

Mautic partner, Sales Snap, offers several ways to support this software. This includes, first of all, the integration of IT requirements, setting up Mautic for marketing automation, as well as full-service support.

Mautic boasts more than 200,000 organizations using this software in over 35 languages. Also, there are over 1000 associates and a large number of partners.

Besides the aforementioned Sales Snap, Mautic’s partners are Ackuia, Friendli, Webmecanik, Aivie, Leuchtfeuer, Dropsolid and other.

This software offers a modern approach to marketing automation.

With the help of numerous digital channels, the software allows companies to integrate marketing campaigns, aiming for a seamless customer experience. Those campaigns are of better quality and achieve more significant results.

What does Sales Snap have that Mautic doesn’t?

Many years of experience working with Mautic have grown into a full-service agency, with services for setting up and managing marketing automation tools. In addition, the agency also provides complete marketing, strategic and technical support.

Modeled after Mautic, with further improvements and enhancements, Sales Snap marketing automation tool represents a very powerful software. It serves to automate marketing processes, to raise the certain business to a higher level of quality and efficiency.

In addition to helping companies automate marketing tasks like Mautic, Sales Snap has a more advanced server and more features.

It is designed to help and support companies in engaging and negotiating with potential clients. This is achieved through personalized communication with users and targeted marketing campaigns.

Sales Snap unique features:

  • Abandoned cart (creating abandoned cart emails),
  • Partner program (member gets a member),
  • Activation of games and quizzes,
  • User satisfaction surveys,
  • API integration,
  • Chatbot,
  • Customer support,
  • E-mail marketing,
  • Lead magnet campaigns,
  • Loyalty program,
  • Newsletters (design, creation and sending),
  • Adapting to the needs of clients,
  • Push notifications,
  • SMS and Viber marketing.

Some of the advantages of Sales Snap over Mautic

One of the important advantages of Sales Snap, compared to Mautic, is SMS and Viber marketing. It is very useful in modern business.

Every mobile phone can receive SMS messages and almost every smartphone user has the Viber application installed. This means that you achieve personalized communication with users, with a goal to increase their activity, for the sake of your business potential and efficiency.

You can use all of Sales Snap’s channels to improve the customer experience. With accurate and precise messages, at the right time, you can encourage users to buy, thereby building a relationship of trust and achieving long-term cooperation.

In addition, what also characterizes Sales Snap, as a powerful marketing automation tool, is customer retention with a loyalty program. With the help of this marketing automation tool, you can increase customer loyalty and keep them with your company for longer.

Although based on world software, Mautic partner – Sales Snap, has become the leading marketing automation tool in the market.

What sets it apart from alternative solutions is completely technical, marketing and strategic support. With such support, your business can have much better results.