What is A-B testing?

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A-B testing is a method by which an experiment is performed between two solutions of a task.

It can be a FB ad, newsletter, landing page…

Below we will talk about A-B testing of the newsletter, specifically the newsletter open rate.

Do you know your target audience?

Many marketers and entrepreneurs are sure that they know their target audience very well, that they know their habits and the way they think, but in fact sometimes there is some information and procedures that we do not know about and that greatly affect the conversion.

What is a specific example of A-B testing?

You write a newsletter for the needs of your business or you deal with it professionally and the open rate of that email is small. Either you don’t know your target audience well enough or you’re sending them the wrong subject line types.

Test whether your target audience is better at short or long subject lines (although all tips suggest keeping the subject line short at 5-7 words).

Once you determine which subject line length has a better open rate, the next step is to test the emojis.

In some audiences, emojis are very desirable and will have a positive effect on a better open rate, while in some it will only cause a negative reaction. It’s not the same when you send a aewsletter to young parents and when you send it to people in the pharmaceutical industry. That is why you need to test it first.

Also, the time of sending is a very important factor and two best periods for sending emails are generally recommended. One is the beginning of the working day of your target group, which can be 8am or 9am, while the other recommended period is when people return from work, do housework and then relax with a glass of wine on their couch and “check” notifications on social networks.

Bonus tip

If you have too large a database of email contacts, eg 100,000 emails, do not send all emails at once if your open rate is small, because due to the large number of unopened emails, email platforms (Gmail, Yahoo…) send your newsletter to the “promotion” section, or even worse, in the “spam” section.

So start with 100 contacts, and then when you apply the tips written above and increase the open rate, the platforms will “push” your newsletter into the primary section. After that, gradually increase the number of contacts to which you send the newsletter to 500, then to 1000.

This way you will get a great open-rate for the entire contact base.

Which tool to use to perform A-B testing?

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