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A first impression is something you never get a second chance to make, and the first step in creating relationships with new subscribers is to send an ecommerce welcome email.The first impression you make on your customers will have an impact on the rest of your relationship.Since email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and prospects,having your welcome email both informational and action-oriented might help you generate a lot of revenue.

Why a welcome series is so important?

An automated welcome email is a fantastic way to establish a good first impression, engage new subscribers, and persuade them to take next steps. Subscribers are most engaged within the first 48 hours after joining up to a company’s email list, so welcome emails not only introduce them to your business, but they also perform well in terms of open and click rates.

Where to start when creating a welcome email series?

One thing to keep in mind is that the main goal of the welcome email is to guide consumers through your onboarding process and get them to do the necessary action. Also, your emails need to be customized, exciting and eye-catching if you are going to stand out from your competition because the majority of emails sent by retailers, are uniform and undifferentiated: everyone receives the same message.

As a result, each time a subscriber receives a dull and useless email, you begin to lose potential customers.

How to plan an effective welcome email strategy?

We recommend using a clear and interesting subject line for a welcome email. Even though it’s difficult to make a mundane greeting innovative and unique; nonetheless, strive to add a glimmer of curiosity to catch people’s attention. For instance, instead of merely writing “welcome” in your subject line, personalize it by using your subscriber’s initial name.

Also, take into account subscribers opening the welcome email on their smartphone – the first thing that is displayed is a sender’s name. Therefore, make sure you select a well-known sender name and an easy-to-remember from address. It may appear easy, but it has a significant impact on your conversion rate.

To set the correct expectations and shape your brand’s reputation, it’s a good idea to provide subscribers a clear concept of how to get started. Choose the most important steps you want new subscribers to perform – social media follow, read content, redeem a code, customize preferences, make a purchase.

The connections to your social media sites are another important component of a good welcome email. New subscribers are curious about you and want to learn more about you; otherwise, they would not have joined up for your newsletter. So why not provide some beneficial information on your social media networks (Twitter, Facebook page, or company blog)? You will be providing new connections with additional opportunities to contact you by doing so.

Next, you can conduct a poll of your consumers directly in your welcome email to obtain more precise information. Offering progressive profiling is another possibility. What is the mechanism behind it? When a visitor completes various actions on your site, he will be requested to fill out short forms with no more than 2-3 fields each time. This allows you to build a complete profile of your consumer in order to improve the user experience in the future.

Best for last

A good strategy for a welcome email is to offer a discount or some sort of gift and thus build trust between the subscriber and the brand. It’s also likely to encourage new subscribers to buy something. It’s critical to provide your customers something unique, such as a coupon code or relevant material.