Case Study

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The client is Artmie (online sales of art supplies).

artmie sales snap case study

The Goal of Activation

Increase in the number of contacts in the database, increase in sales, as well as updating existing contacts with more detailed information obtained.

The Solution

To achieve the goal of gathering a larger number of leads, we organized the Scratch game activation lasting six weeks.

From participants, we requested information such as their email address, their level of art expertise, their preferred art technique, and consent to receive notifications.

artmie sales snap case study
artmie sales snap case study


Number of leads

The number of new leads that played scratch card game

0 %

184 completed sales

Open rate
0 %

Contacts who opened the thank you mail


Duration of activation


Organic website traffic, without promotion on social media.

NOTE:In the future, the rest of collected leads will also be converted!!!

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