About Us

You must have noticed that over the past few decades both technology and audience have remarkably changed. The times of relying on newsletters or generic emails to get the job done are gone. Consumers are expecting faster, more personalized and timely services.

On the other hand, marketing automation tools can streamline a variety of marketing functions, enabling companies to focus their efforts on other core tasks that effectively nurture leads and drive revenue.

Struggling with different challenges of our clients, we decided to create our own!

Based on a 5-year experience with clients of various industries and creation of numerous strategies and email campaigns, from financial sector to e-commerce, we have created SalesSnap - a powerful marketing automation platform which greatly helps the organization of your online marketing campaigns.

SalesSnap provides detailed contact tracking and automates the process of finding and nurturing contacts through landing pages and forms, email campaigns, text messages, web notifications, and integration with your CRM and other systems in a smooth and easy way.

If you need to gather leads, segment them, organize them, nurture them, and last but not the least, convert them - then we are the right address for you!

Our experienced and dedicated team approaches each client from new, and sometimes unusual perspectives, not relying only on the well known and already familiar methods, but rather stepping each time a few steps forward.

Sounds good? Come on, jump in! We promise the hell of a ride!

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