Exit pop-ups (Workflows)

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Exit pop-ups, when done correctly, will appeal to a variety of user segments in a variety of situations. Whatever your purpose, bear in mind that it’s never a good idea to try to persuade a visitor to do something they don’t want to do. Exit pop-ups should urge visitors to make a single, easy decision.

Keep the visitor interested

The majority of visitors will leave your website and landing pages without converting. It happens all the time. Perhaps they got sidetracked. Perhaps your one-of-a-kind value proposition wasn’t compelling enough. Perhaps they weren’t able to find what they were looking for.

How can abandoned visitors be converted?

Exit intent technology is being used by many successful ecommerce firms to reduce cart abandonment, recoup purchases, enhance conversion rates, and generate more leads. This technology mostly revolves around developing an effective exit pop-up, also known as exit intent overlay strategy.

Exit intent technology is a real-time system that detects and responds to website abandonment. The system automatically activates an incentive pop-up to persuade the leaving visitor to do the required action when it detects exit intent (such as aggressive mouse movement to x-out of the page).

Why do you need a good exit pop-up?

Exit pop-ups condense your offering into a concise and focused version of what you’re selling. They reduce the amount of research required to make a conclusion. Exit pop-ups, when done correctly, can deliver a considerable boost and help you achieve a variety of income goals. But, before we get into some effective exit pop-up strategies, let’s have a look at some of the most typical blunders to avoid.

How not to create an exit pop-up?

Your exit pop-up should only have one single goal. It shouldn’t have a lot of information, different navigation options, or too many calls to action. One goal: persuade the user to make a straightforward decision.

Putting too many options or call to actions will create confusion and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Exit pop-ups should be smartly designed and not cluttered with useless information. Keep it clean, direct and simple.

How to develop a strong exit pop-up strategy?

  • Good targeting (target by cohort or target by content)
  • Direct users to a specific action or page
  • Personalize content
  • Recommend similar products
  • Create urgency with attention-grabbing keywords and limited time frames